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The activity's objective in which the company operates is:

In the field of power import-export, different industrial, food, pharmacy, building product import-export, in the field of production and building of different productive lines according respective fields.

In the fields of real estate like: renting out, building of different sized objects like houses, villas, multistory buildings or residential complexes, different works that deal with maintenance, facades service, streets and bridges building and port, sea, air construction and their reconstruction, paving and asphalt coating, dams, galleries, tunnels construction, drainage systems construction, watering implants, protection works and hydraulic systems, electrical works and adjustments, environments construction and greenery adjustments like parks and gardens.

Import-Export of different items and scrap, transports and works with tractors, diggers of all kinds, paving machinery transporters, machines and equipments for concrete joints etc., that relate to the field of construction.

Rent A-Car, car sales and renting.

Printing of newspapers, magazines, books and every kind of daily or recurring printing, printing of different forms or genres of propaganda and promotional materials of every field, printing and stamping of all forms and sizes to be used in merchandize, equipments and other items, adhesive production of promotional and informing products, and also printing of any other product which requires printing technologies of different forms or sizes.

The company's activity will also offer its publishing house to receive orders from different authors, its preparation for publishing, translation and books distribution of multiple genres, according the requirements of the law for such an activity.

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